Computer Support & Information Systems
College of Fine Arts | The University of Utah


CFA-CSIS is responsible for supporting the faculty and staff computing needs for the College of Fine Arts. We offer services such as desktop support, file services, course file support and workstation backup. we also support student labs in the College of Fine Arts and server space for CFA courses.

If you are a faculty or staff member looking for more information, you can find articles in the Faculty and Staff Resources area of our web site

Students can find information on CFA Labs and Accessing Course Space on the CFA File Server in their respective areas.


Recent Announcements

  • Spring 2024 – Server Maintenance

    There is scheduled maintenance for the file servers on the following dates:

    Thursday, 18 January, 5:30 PM

    Thursday, 22 February, 5:30 PM

    Thursday, 21 March, 5:30 PM

    Thursday, 18 April, 5:30 PM

    Thursday, 23 May, 5:30 PM